The Full Moon in Capricorn, July 13, 2022

Also known as the Buck Moon, the full moon in Capricorn symbolizes maturity and transformation.
collage of a buck moon: full moon in capricorn
Collage by Cathryn Virginia | Photo by Jason Hosking via Getty

On July 13, 2022 at 2:38 PM eastern time, 11:38 AM pacific time, there will be a full moon in Capricorn. Full moons take place when the sun is opposite the moon, and astrologically, they symbolize a period of release, change, and illumination, as information comes to light. Relationship issues can come to a head, but incredible compromises can take place, too!

What is the Buck Moon?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, deers’ antlers that begin forming in the spring harden fully at this point in the summer, thus, we have the Buck Moon! The Farmer’s Almanac also tells us that the July full moon can also be called the “Full Hay Moon” or the “Full Thunder Moon,” because this is the time of the season to harvest hay, and because thunderstorms may be plentiful this time of year.

What does the full moon in Capricorn represent?

Ruled by Saturn, a planet affectionately referred to as “Daddy” by many astrologers, Capricorn is the final earth sign on the zodiac wheel, symbolizing maturity and industry. Full moons take place when the sun and moon are in opposite signs: Capricorn’s opposite sign, Cancer, deals with the responsibilities of caring and nurturing in the domestic sense, while Capricorn’s responsibilities lay in the public sphere; thus, the full moon in Capricorn can be a period of reckoning for issues regarding work/life balance. Both Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with the past and with tradition, but during the full moon, a focus on releasing old patterns and letting go of what was, especially when it comes to breaking free from your family or community’s expectations and creating your own legacy.

What’s special about this year’s full moon in Capricorn?

The sun may be currently in sentimental and sweet Cancer, but the moon Capricorn inspires us to take a cold hard look at things. Emotional water sign Cancer is sensitive and artistic, but Capricorn demands a logical, “no b.s.” approach. But, that doesn’t mean intense feelings won’t arise! The full moon in Capricorn this year finds the moon applying to a conjunction (or a meeting with) Pluto, also in Capricorn, perhaps surfacing difficult emotions. Full moons can shed light on what’s hidden, and our deepest desires and fears may have a light cast on them at this time. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, inspiring an intensity to the usually stoic full moon in Capricorn over the last decade plus. This year’s full moon in Capricorn might have a heavy feeling of finality for us to explore a secret or resolve a mystery.

The moon is separating from a trine (a harmonious astrological aspect) to Uranus in Taurus, during this full moon inspiring an easy atmosphere for risk taking, experimentation, and feeling free to fully be ourselves, no matter how weird others may think we are. Creativity gets a boost as the moon applies (or approaches) to a helpful sextile to Neptune in Pisces, and timing might feel like it’s especially good as the moon separates from a trine to the north node in Taurus. Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac, while Neptune inspires a sense of whimsy: with the moon in helpful alignment with these two planets, a sense of freedom may flow. The north node is thought to be symbolic of destiny, and its harmonious alignment with the moon may inspire a sense of purpose and a feeling like we’re on the right path.

The sun in Cancer is near a conjunction to Mercury (it will be exact soon, on July 16, 2022), which may find us on the precipice of an important realization, and the sun separates from a sextile with Uranus, boding well for teamwork and radical progress. Mercury is the planet of the mind, and Uranus is the planet of genius: their helpful connection with the sun inspires communication and experimentation, but also encourages us to be honest about who we are and what we think. The sun applies to a trine with dreamy Neptune, inspiring our imaginations and creativity. The mood may be especially romantic! 

Power dynamics could come to a head: the sun applies to an opposition with Pluto, which means big egos may be at play. An important theme of both Cancer and Capricorn is boundaries, and with full moons being a period of culmination, this may be a pivotal time for deciding whether or not you will let someone in, or if you will continue devoting time to a project. A big theme with Pluto is surrender and letting go of the past: if we can release grudges, amazing transformations may take place. The sun separates from a sextile with the north node, so we might feel like the timing is “right.”

Mercury in Cancer applies to a sextile with Uranus and the north node, which may bring surprising news and chance meetings, and Venus in Gemini separates from a trine with Saturn and applies to a square with Neptune, encouraging us to stay grounded in our expectations of ourselves and others. Be careful not to over idealize a person or a situation, be patient about the blooming of a relationship or a project. 

The full moon in general is a famous time for transformation, and with Pluto in the mix, the changes that take place may be deep. You won’t turn into a werewolf — but you could become a better version of yourself.