Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, July 2022

Welcome to Cancer season, dear Pisces!

The sun in Cancer illuminates the sector of your chart that rules fun, romance, and creativity, making it a special time of year for you, dear Pisces! Creative inspiration flows and you’re making some of your best art right now. A new love interest may appear, or you and your partner could be deepening your intimacy. Cancer season calls you to celebrate life: to honor the past, and embrace the future and all its unknowns. 


July opens with some intensity as Mars in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on July 1. Drama might be brewing in your social life, and you may have to set firm boundaries. Egos clash at this time. You’re reconsidering an investment of your time, energy, or money. People are finding change especially challenging at this time, and arguments are more heated than usual. On July 2, Mercury in Gemini mingles with Saturn in Aquarius, which can inspire a sense of responsibility and focus, but Mercury also squares off with your ruling planet Neptune, currently in your sign, which can find you confused about boundaries or expectations. Avoid making promises you can’t keep, and be mindful of exaggerations or over-sharing. 

Mars enters Taurus on July 5, which can find you feeling more confident expressing your ideas. Pisces are famously gentle and sympathetic, but with Mars in Taurus, you’re a bit sharper with your words! This can bode well for communicating effectively, handling paperwork, and generally taking care of business. Mercury enters Cancer on July 5 and aligns with Mars, which might bring some party invitations and inspire productivity and a busy, social energy. 

Mercury squares off with your other ruling planet Jupiter, currently in Aries, on July 9, kicking up big conversations about money. An important decision may be made at this time, and your choices could surprise people as the sun connects with Uranus in Taurus on July 10. A genius idea may come to you! Creative breakthroughs can take place, as could romantic thrills—it’s an exciting time in your love life, too!


The full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13, plus Venus connects with Saturn, and Mercury connects with Uranus. Drama that’s been building in your social life may reach a boiling point! You may be leaving a social circle or changing your relationship with a group. You could be leaving a role passing the baton to someone new, or taking on more responsibility. A new dream or vision for the future comes into view during this full moon in Capricorn. You’re thinking about building your future, and with Venus’s helpful connection with the planet of responsibility, Saturn, solid foundations can be laid. Mercury’s connection with Uranus inspires ingenuity and a sense of novelty and experimentation, too!

Venus squares off with your ruling planet Neptune on July 14, which can find you feeling especially soft and sensitive. You’re particularly nostalgic at this time. Be real with yourself: Are you romanticizing the past? Find ways to consciously honor what was, and to ground yourself in the present. Reality could feel disappointing at this time. Laughing with friends is a good antidote, and as the sun meets Mercury on July 16, you can discover something important about your creativity, your sense of fun and joy, and about love. A new cycle begins at this time, possibly regarding communication.

You feel especially in touch with your inner voice as Mercury and the sun mingle with Neptune on July 17, and you’re creating wonderful art and having deep, meaningful conversations. Also on July 17, sweet Venus enters Cancer, inspiring romance and creativity! Venus in Cancer could bring a whirlwind of romance, sensual pleasure, and joy: You can connect with a new crush or deepen your bond with an established lover. Venus in Cancer also bodes well for art and creativity, and for generally having fun and enjoying yourself!


Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18, which could bring an intense conversation with a friend. Secretes may surface and themes like trust, transparency, and discretion come to the fore. Mercury enters Leo on July 19, finding you eager to reorganize your schedule, and perhaps bringing news about a gig or project. The sun opposes Pluto on July 19, possibly bringing drama to your social life: A power struggle may reach its ultimate conclusion. This could be a good time to reflect on your boundaries and consider the power dynamics in the groups and communities you belong to. It would be wise to seek the assistance of an unbiased third party who can offer insight and help if you’re in a tricky situation—there’s no need to go through difficulties alone!

Leo season begins on July 22, inspiring productivity! You feel especially eager to get work done and the energy is especially helpful as Mercury connects with Jupiter on July 23. Your focus is also on wellness during Leo season, and you may feel inspired to kick an old habit or try a new fitness routine. But late July isn’t just for starting a new meditation practice or making sure you floss every day: Your focus is squarely on having a good time as Venus squares off with Jupiter on July 25. You might attend a fun party or a romantic date! But you’d be wise not to over-indulge yourself at this time. Avoid gossip, and watch out for bickering and impatience as Mercury squares off with Mars on July 26.

The new moon in Leo takes place on July 28, plus Mercury squares off with Uranus, and Jupiter begins its retrograde. This new moon in Leo can find you beginning a new gig or project at work. You’re starting a new routine, and this is a great new moon for getting reorganized. Leo rules the heart, and this new moon asks you to get clear on what’s important, and what makes your heart feel full: How can you participate in what makes you feel full of purpose, strength, or meaning each day? 

Mercury’s square with Uranus might bring unexpected news or find you rearranging you plans in a surprising way. Jupiter’s retrograde may mean refining your budget or donating your belongs, and creating more room for yourself by letting go of clutter may be a theme at this time. Communication blocks or delays may pop up, but exciting new opportunities can arrive, especially at work or in your finances, or your regarding sense of comfort or security, as Mercury opposes Saturn and the sun connects with Jupiter on July 31.

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in August!