The Stats Are in: There's No Better Time to Match on Tinder

The dating app received over 3 billion swipes last Sunday worldwide – the most it has ever recorded.
Can You Use Tinder During the Coronavirus Outbreak?
Photo by Emily Bowler. 

It is arguably not a great time to be single. As coronavirus rages across the world, anything that might have been helpful to your love life – invites to parties, going to pubs and bars, generally leaving the house – is deemed a non-essential activity, banned by strict government guidelines. Now, instead of thinking about which ex you're going to hate-fuck this weekend, you're worrying over how many meals a can of beans can stretch to, or whether any of your loved ones will die.


However, this hasn't stopped people from dating in the only way a global pandemic will allow: online.

The dating app Tinder received over 3 billion swipes last Sunday – the most ever recorded in its eight-year history, according to figures it published in a press release yesterday. British Tinder users are also having 12 percent more daily conversations on the app, and these conversations are lasting longer than average.

Tinder activity in other countries has experienced a similar increase. Stats from the app show that user-to-user conversations across the globe are lasting 10 to 20 percent longer than they did in February, with a stronger focus on topical issues. More Tinder users are opening conversations with the statement, “Are you OK?” rather than a hello. The dating app also reports that some users have changed their bios to reflect the crisis, asking others to “stay home and be safe”.

The hottest thing? Loo roll has become a more popular conversation topic this month – if you weren’t already convinced that this was the worst time to chirpse.

Single comrades, I wish you the best of luck.