You Can Buy Just About Anything in Animal Crossing on Nookazon

The real casualties of Bunny Day were cherry blossom recipes, but Nookazon has you covered.
April 20, 2020, 2:13pm
Screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a player and three villagers sit amongst cherry blossom filled trees, with picnics between them
Image courtesy of Nintendo

Bunny Day has come and gone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means we've finally left the collective nightmare of finding eggs in basically every nook and cranny of our islands. Unfortunately, that also means that the cherry blossoms have left. If you didn't collect any of the beautiful DIY recipes or the cherry blossom petals to craft them from, you'd normally be out of luck until next year. Such is the cruel fate of time in Animal Crossing. Or is it?


Now, thanks to one enterprising Animal Crossing community member, you can find people trading in game items and currency for those rare DIY recipes you might have missed out on. Players create listings with contact info and their price, either other rare items or the in game currency. You can find anything from pre-made DIY items to Villagers you can invite to your island. We chat about our villagers, how happy we are now that Zipper is gone, and more on this week's Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

Gita: I [played Animal Crossing] finally after Bunny Day was over, and I had such a pleasant time in my town again finally.

Austin: Zipper's gone. The eggs are out of the trees. Spring is here!

Gita: God, I'm so sad I missed every single cherry blossom recipe, did not get a single one. And they were gone before I knew it!

Cado: It's so rude.

Austin: I'll send you what I got, I have a couple things I can send.

Gita: Thank you. I was building like a little bamboo grove, and I put in the bamboo hearth there and I wanted some of the cherry blossom lanterns to put near it so that it had like a nice glow at night. And then they were all gone.

Austin: Well, I can't send you that, I didn't get that recipe. I only got the picnic and the walls or something.

Gita: The picnic blanket would be fine!

Austin: The picnic is nice, yeah, I like the picnic basket a lot.


Cado: You gotta go on Nookazon, you can find all that shit there.

Austin: You say that but we're a week out from that being real.

Cado: What do you mean?

Gita: No, no, dude. I gotta link you some shit. In the chat look at this! This is a real thing.

Cado: It's a real thing already!

Austin: I don't want to click this.

Gita: Animal Crossing New Horizons people are fucking amazing.

Austin: Holy shit.

Gita: Like this is it I have seen Nookazon for objects–

Austin: This isn't a joke.

Cado: No this is not a joke!

Rob: You ever wanna get fired for organizing by a tanuki?


Gita: Okay so what we've linked in the chat is a website that lists every single item in Animal Crossing–

Austin: This is unbelievable!

Gita: –in alphabetical order, and then it just will give you a list of who has it and what their account is and how to get in contact with them so you can buy it.

Austin: Okay, why is Judy, a snooty cub villager, listed as an item to purchase on Nookazon?!

Gita: So that's if you want people to leave your town.

Rob: Wait, are there hitmen?

Gita: Those are villagers that are fed up with living in their town, and if you talk to them on the day that they're going to leave then they will come to your town. You can buy a villager basically.

Rob: So it's not a dark web fire and forget, okay.


Rob: So I hear you've been having the "Pietro Experience?"

Austin: We could take care of that that's on the list of services we provide.


Rob: We'll, uh, remove some night clowns, if you know what I mean.

This transcript has been edited for clarity and length.

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