Is NSO Group Using the Pandemic to Expand its Spying Capabilities?

In the name of helping governments quell the modern-day plague, the company might just be expanding its questionable business.
An image of the NSO Group software coronavirus patients in Israel. 

NSO Group was implicated in the hacking and spying of activists in Mexico. Although the company strongly denies it, it’s alleged to have helped the Saudi government in its brutal operation to kill and behead Washington Post journalist Jamal Khasshoggi. Now, the company says it's adding its surveillance expertise to quell the current pandemic.

NSO Group, the infamous Israeli spyware company with links to intelligence agencies around the world, has developed software to track people infected with the coronavirus so authorities can better track the spread of the disease. On the surface, anything to help combat this pernicious, modern plague is a good thing. But, as Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Francheschi Bicchierai tells us, that’s likely just a way for NSO Group to expand its questionable business.