Lawyer Who Told ‘Cumstain’ Opposing Counsel to ‘Pay Up Fuckface’ Is Off the Case

The lawyer refused, however, to give up his law license.
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California lawyer Christopher Hook is in trouble this week after telling a U.S. District Judge he wouldn’t give up his law license after sending threatening emails to rival counsel and telling them to “eat a bowl of dicks.”

Hook was set to appear in court to show cause for his bad behavior in an insurance coverage dispute case between his clients and Allstate. Hook’s former clients are suing the insurance company, saying Allstate has failed to fulfill its obligation to them. At the core of the disagreement is $200,000 in water damages. Hook pursued the money with reckless abandon, highly entertaining and very rude court documents reveal.


“I understand the position you are in,” Hook wrote to opposing counsel Peter Klee on November 22. “I'm going to let the long dick of the law fuck Allstate for all of us.”

“Hey Klee you Cumstain the demand is now 302 million. Pay up fuckface,” Hook wrote on November 23.

“Peter when you are done fellating your copy boy tell Allstate the demand is now 305 million,” he wrote hours later.

“Hey shit for brains Allstate owes my clients a lot of money,” he wrote the next day. “It's due yesterday.”

“Tell Allstate I am going to water board each one of their trolls that show up for [deposition] without any mercy whatsoever,” he wrote at 6:10 AM.


“You think you are better than me, that you are too good to even pick up the phone and exchange thoughts with me,” Hook sent at 8:20 PM the same day. “Well karma is a bitch mother fucker. You are going to learn that in spades. I know where you live pete.”

The next day, Hook sent Klee personal information indicating he did, indeed, know where lived. “Tell [redacted] it is going to be sold to pay for my clients and you guys can rent a place in lemon grove,” referring to a San Diego suburb.

Hook’s clients have new lawyers now, and all parties had gathered in a California courtroom of U.S. District Judge Otis Wright to discuss Hook’s behavior, but the lawyer was nowhere to be seen. As the proceedings dragged on, Judge Wright told Hook’s former clients that he wouldn’t dismiss their case. That’s when Hook jumped up from the courtroom audience.

Judge Wright was pissed. “Were you hiding?” he said, according to ABA Journal. “Were you waiting to make a fashionable entrance?” According to, Judge Wright and Hook traded words and Wright demanded Hook give up his license to practice law.

“I will not do that,” Hook said.

“Shut up,” Judge Wright said. “I want you to resign from this profession.” As of this writing, Hook is still allowed to practice law in the state of California.

There is no word on whether or not he went “batshit crazy on you mother fucking cock suckers,” as he promised to do in a November 23 email to Allstate’s lawyers.