Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, May 2022

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Gemini!
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is luxuriating in sensual earth sign Taurus, encouraging you to do the same: Rest, relax, forget about your everyday worries, and find peace exactly where you are. Take a break from your busy schedule and catch up on quality time alone. Plan a little escape for yourself! 

While the sun in Taurus calls you to catch up rest, there may still be quite a bit of action in your career at this time. People might be making exciting investments in your work on May 1 as Venus in Pisces makes a helpful connection with Pluto in Capricorn. Your social life could also pick up and you’re feeling quite popular as Venus enters Aries on May 2, inspiring a fun, friendly atmosphere. You may be joining a new group or community, and in your love life, you might be meeting your partner’s friends (or perhaps meeting a partner through your friends!) or connecting with a lover on an intellectual level. 


One of the most creative days of the month is May 3, when Jupiter in Pisces connects with Pluto! Pluto is all about change, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion, making it a powerful period for growth, and you may especially notice this in your career or your life in public. Your reach may be broadening, and you’re considering how you want to project yourself and your work. Collaborations can be especially fruitful at this time.

Mars in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus on May 4, which may find you exploring an unexpected career move. This is an exciting time for experimentation! The mood is spontaneous and inspired, but you might also feel restless, especially as as the sun meets electric Uranus on May 5. Wild dreams and fantasies could hold much of your attention, but Mercury in Gemini also mingles with Venus on May 6, which can inspire a fun and flirtatious atmosphere, even if you’re a bit distracted! Keep your plans flexible. You may feel like something big is around the corner, but not sure what it is. Lean into the ambiguity, dear Gemini, and use this energy to explore new possibilities without over-scheduling yourself or forgetting to prioritize rest.

The sun connects with Mars on May 7, inspiring courage and confidence, and while you may be in the mood to rush ahead, your ruling planet Mercury begins its retrograde on May 10 in your sign, which can find you reconsidering some recent conversations and decisions. Mercury retrograde is famous for miscommunications and delays, but it also serves an important purpose: giving us time to reconsider things, slow down, and rest! Astrologers advise against traveling, making important purchases, or signing contracts during Mercury retrograde, since Mercury rules communication and commerce, but it’s a great time to revisit projects that were put on the back burner or reconnect with people, revisit places, or rethink ideas. If you do go ahead with something new, take your time, and double check that you have everything you need: taking a second look is a wise way to work with Mercury retrograde. May 10 also finds Jupiter entering Aries, and while Mercury retrograde finds you reconnecting with people from the past, with Jupiter in Aries, your social life may be expanding in a big way, and you’re connecting with plenty of new people and ideas over the next few months! A dream might be taking off at this time, or you could be connecting with people who are eager to work toward a common goal.


May 15 finds the sun squaring off with Saturn and connecting with Neptune, currently in Pisces, which can find you brimming with creativity and charming crowds with your talents and glamour! It may also find you setting boundaries and feeling very focused on your responsibilities. Your responsibilities continue to be on your mind during the transformative lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16: A shift in your routine may be taking place. Geminis tend to be flexible; your zodiac sign usually isn’t afraid of a little change, and you often embrace it! While eclipses can be emotional and exhausting, this one can bring the change to your daily routine and schedule that you’ve been craving. Being locked in the same itinerary day in and day out can feel so stagnating and uninspiring! Finally, things can get a real shake up. You may be starting a new gig or project and outside of work, you could be making big changes to your wellness routine or kicking an old habit.

Mars and Neptune meet in on May 18: Mars is the planet of action, but as it meets dreamy Neptune, the mood is less about making things happen and more about simply going with the flow. Your intuition can lead you someplace interesting at this time, especially in your career or life in public. You could be reflecting on your reputation and considering what your actions mean for the way you are perceived. The sun mingles with Pluto on May 19, making it a powerful time for change, closure, and release, and also on May 19, Mercury retrograde connects with Jupiter, finding you revisiting an exciting conversation about your career. 


The sun enters your sign, Gemini, on May 20! This is an energizing period and an exciting time to connect with people. An important realization can take place on May 21 as the sun meets Mercury retrograde, and you may gain great perspective on yourself or a situation you have been deliberating on. May 22 finds Mars connecting with Pluto, boding well for your career as you connect with some powerful, influential people, and Mercury reenters Taurus while on its retrograde journey, encouraging you to reconnect with your inner voice and enjoy a little escape from your daily routine. Mercury retrograde in Taurus inspires you to reflect on the symbols that show up in your dreams, and check with yourself emotionally: Is there an issue that deserves revisiting that you haven’t had any time to sit with?

The sun connects with lucky Jupiter on May 23, inspiring optimism, generosity, and fun in your social life, and Mercury retrograde connects with Mars, finding you revisiting some career plans. Mars is all about action, but we’re all rethinking our strategies as it makes a helpful connection with Mercury retrograde! Venus connects with Saturn and Mars enters Aries on May 24, which can find you forming solid alliances, discussing your goals, and making future plans. Mars in Aries could bring you plenty of energy to socialize and accomplish great things with your groups and communities.

Mercury retrograde connects with Pluto on May 25, finding you thinking back to April 28: Research done then may pay off now, or deep conversations that took place at that time might be revisited with new insight! Intense desires might surface as Venus squares off with Pluto on May 27: You may learn a great deal about what the people you are invested in, are invested in! Do they care about the same issues and goals that you do?

Difficult themes like jealousy and greed may surface, but a breakthrough can also take place as you and your partners realize what’s truly important to you both. If you’re feeling suffocated in relationships, this can be an important moment to set boundaries and to call on reinforcements from qualified folks who can help you navigate a complicated issue. Money may also be a tense topic at this time, and making sure that there aren’t strings attached to agreements might be something to explore: Again, enlist the help of qualified people; there’s no reason to navigate tricky waters alone. On the other hand, this could be a tremendously passionate period in your love life, as you and your partners explore your desires on a deep and profound level!

The mood shifts as Venus enters Taurus on May 28: You may be more introspective, especially appreciative of the partners with whom you can have peaceful, quiet moments with, who you can confide in, and who you connect with on a spiritual level. Mars and Jupiter meet on May 29, beginning a dynamic new period in your social life and potentially finding you embarking on a new journey toward a dream. Teamwork is a major theme at this time: Sure, you could probably get things done alone, but incredible momentum can be found if you work with others!

The new moon in your sign, Gemini, takes place on May 30, inspiring a fresh start: You may be in the mood to give yourself a makeover or update your wardrobe. You could be reconnecting with yourself emotionally at this time, and as a result, shifts may also take place in your relationships as you share newly discovered things about yourself. 

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in June!