The Songs That Made This Horrible February Bearable

Tracks from Lucky Daye, McKinley Dixon, Katy Kirby, and many others are reminding us that Spring is almost here.
Chicago, US
Lucky Daye and Katy Kirby
Lucky Daye (Photo by Mark Peaced) and Katy Kirby (Photo by Henry Davis) 

Let's face it: February sucked this year. From horrific weather emergencies in Texas, too much snow elsewhere, too little sunlight, and, of course, the ongoing pandemic, there was just a general bad vibe everywhere you looked. It feels good to finally leave this month behind, but these songs are going to stay with us. With new music from favorites like Victoria Monét, Lucky Daye, and Ryley Walker to stunning singles from rising acts like McKinley Dixon, Emily Blue, and Floatie, it wasn't all bad. In fact, there were so many great songs that it was basically impossible to pare down this list to a number under 20. (We kept it at 21). 


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