Hey, Le Creuset Heads—Stock Up at This Monster Cookware Sale

Grease your wallets for hundreds off all the Adult Cookware of your dreams.
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March 23, 2021, 9:05pm
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Sound the meat grinders, because Sur La Table is having a Hash-Slinging Slasher sale on all the cookware we’ve fantasized about. 

Currently, we’re turning our bedrooms into a Flavortown and dreaming of what life post-COVID can look like. One high-glaze option: a shameless, sensory free-fall that lands face first in a Le Creuset casserole (with a bunch of Omsom seasoning). Cookware is our fandom. We only accept our face as it is reflected by a clean All-Clad pan. We embrace the existential crises born of cast iron care, because the versatility of cast iron makes it a lifelong culinary accomplice when cared for properly. TBH, so many of the following ~pieces~ go beyond your kitchen, and your humble grave, to become inter-generational heirlooms. That’s some Ya-Ya Sisterhood shit. 

With hundred of bucks off the normal pricing, this is your chance to bag all the stuff Julia Child told you to get in that one lucid dream, from a lofty cocotte to a ceramic Staub oven set (at more than 50% off). And even if you don’t have THE BIG BUCK$ to spend, there are some choice cookware accessories for cast iron care and beyond. 

It’s time to finally replace your scratched Teflon set 


Photo: Sur La Table

*BLOWS CONCH* This is the last day these ride or die skillets are on sale. Made of stainless steel, they come with a lifetime warranty and a non-scratch coating with none of that PFOA industrial chemical gunk, so you can feel good about watching that sunny side egg slide right from the skillet to your plate. The handles also have their own special technology (people love to throw around that word, but FR) that makes them cool to the touch even as things heat up. Which they will: These dudes can take a broiling in the oven. 

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Set of 3 Skillets, $225 $129.96 at Sur La Table

The one you’ll use every night (when you’re too exhausted for multiple pans)


Photo: Sur La Table

This pan will be there for you more than you may be able to be there for yourself. For the nights when you just want to dump all the errant veggies and shiz from your fridge into a stir fry situation, this is the best ample (but lightweight) tool. “This do-it-all workhorse combines a wide cooking area that’s ideal for searing, browning or reducing sauces,” say the Sur La Table genies, “with gently sloping, high sides that are perfect for simmering, sautéing and braising.” 

All-Clad d3 Stainless Steel Weeknight Pan $245.00 $179.96 at Sur La Table 

The holy trinity of baking stoneware

Staub Ceramic 3 piece cookware.jpg

The power of a solid stoneware lies in its even heat distribution, and Staub is one of the top-tier makers of non-scratch, porcelain glaze ceramic dreamboats for making every kind of butter cake, bread, potato gratin, spanakopita, apple crumble, whole roast chicken—you name it, Staub can bake it (aaaand instantly transfer it to the fridge or freezer with their thermal shock technology). They’ve joined together three of the most iconic and versatile pieces for the cookware bonanza: a pie pan, rectangular baking pan, and an oval baker in a package would be a steal even outside of the sale, but getting all of ‘em for under a hundy? B A N A N A S! 

Staub Ceramic 3-Piece Stoneware Set, $215 $99.96 at Sur La Table

A six-quart Dutch oven

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Photo: Sur La Table

If you walk into someone’s house and they have anything by storied French brand Le Creuset, you know they care about cooking. If you walk in and find a giant Le Creuset Dutch oven, congratulations: you’ve found your life partner. For those who don’t do Da Vinci code math (same), six quarts is a gallon and a half of goodness, from soups to stews to juicy roasts. Bury your head in this, Jean the Baptist-style. 

Le Creuset Dutch Oven, $379.95 $249.96 at Sur La Table

Pamper your cast iron

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

Photo: Sur La Table

Because skillets need self care, too—we've been waiting for an idiot-proof kit to help us not destroy the finally-perfect seasoned surface of our cast iron, and this one “comes with 100% canola oil seasoning spray to improve nonstick qualities, a scraper and brush for cleaning, and a silicone handle holder.” Buy it for yourself, or for the cast iron fuccboi you will become/bone once we’re all vaxxed this summer. 

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit, $26 $20.96 at Sur La Table

This is your buffet, now 

Le Creuset Buffer Casserole

Photo: Sur La Table

There’s nothing easier or more chic than an immediate stovetop-to-table plating situation. This Le Creuset cookery has a shallow base and is secretly one of those pre-Always Pan multi-taskers that is “perfect for searing, braising, slow cooking and more.”

Le Creuset Buffet Casserole with Glass Lid, $299.95 $169.96 at Sur La Table

An annoyingly charming mini-cocotte 

Le Creuset Mini Petite Cocotte

Photo: Sur La Table

This one's the ideal vessel for “individual portions of French onion soup, baked mac and cheese, apple cobbler and more,” and it’s so charming, in all of its six shades, that you won’t need to develop a post-quar personality when it’s finally time for a dinner party. Just don’t let the American Girl Dolls steal it.

Le Creuset signature petite cocotte, $35 $19.96 at Sur La Table

Tagine time


Photo: Sur La Table

As one reviewer states, there is a definite learning curve to the art of the tagine, a staple of Morroccan and North African cooking. But once you’ve got it down, or down-ish (we’ve got a recipe for that, but let authors like Mourad Lahlou and Nargisse Benkabbou lead the way), these mega-useful pots can cook up food with so much moisture and layered flavor. “[I] used my new tagine to prepare dinner for 15,” writes a reviewer, with another adding, “I had never used this form of cookware before and was so pleased at the delicious meal that was a result.” Give to a friend, then invite yourself over. 

Emile Henry Flame Tagine, $179.95 $99.96 at Sur La Table

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