‘Apex Legends’ New Arena Mode Is Perfect For New and Returning Players

The new 3v3 mode is exactly the mode I needed to get back into Apex Legends.
Screenshot from Apex Legends Legacy trailer, Pathfinder gives a thumbs up to his teammates, Mirage and Wraith.
Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment 

Battle Royale games are generally typified by their long engagement ranges. For the majority of a match snipers will reign supreme, and catching someone off guard or avoiding conflicts outright will get you to the final circles. In those final circle, the engagement range drops dramatically, and you’re more than likely to be face to face with other players for the first time in the entire match. This late game change can be disorienting for players that are new to battle royales, and means that unless you purposefully engage with enemies early on it can be difficult to practice and get a handle on the different projectile models different gun options have.


In the latest season of Apex Legends, named Legacy, Respawn offers players a new venue to get into those mid to close range engagements that will make or break your success in their BR mode, but without the sometimes too long lulls of making it to the final circles in the first place. Arenas is a 3 v 3 mode that pits two teams on a much smaller map, and is the perfect way to learn the various guns, abilities, and support items. As a player that hasn’t played since launch, it’s been a boon to helping me understand the different balance changes that have been implemented over the last few years. We discuss Apex Legends: Arena, Resident Evil VIII, and more on this week’s Waypoint Radio.

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