Photos of Your Most Disturbing Hangover Meals

Featuring classics such as "egg cage" and "wine cereal".
Daisy Jones
London, GB
Hangover Meals Noodles Junk Food Sesh Fried
All photos courtesy of interviewees

Not all hangovers come in the same shape. There are those where you wake up completely fine – chirpy, in fact – before slowly crashing as the day progresses. There are the dry-mouthed ones where nothing, nothing, in the world feels satisfying other than an orange Calipo. And then there are the ones where you spend the day vomiting bile and staring at your grey, sweaty face in the mirror, wondering what the hell you’ve become.


Either way, by the second half of the day at least, most hangovers require some sustenance in the shape of food. Lots of it. But hangover food does not follow the usual order of food-making. Instead of making a nice meal, maybe alongside some veggies, hangover meals are typically beige and designed purely around cravings such as salt, warmth and grease. If you want Doritos dipped in ice cream for breakfast, that is what you will have. 

Historically, my personal hangover meal has been oven fries and miscellaneous items (I don’t care what the items are, as long as they are propped up by fries). But everyone has a go-to based on their own specific hangover whims. With that in mind, we asked you to send in your weird yet but delicious hangover meals. This is what you’ve been eating.

Pot Noodle and Macaroni Pie Sandwich

Ruairidh, 24.jpg

You'll need two slices of Warburtons toastie white bread, toasted to your own personal liking. Then a good spread of butter, before spooning on enough Pot Noodle to cover one slice of toast. Add heated macaroni pie, top it with the other piece of toast and press down firmly with your palm to squish it flat. Frank’s RedHot sauce is an optional extra. – Ruairidh, 24. 

Noodles, Crisps and Pickled Onions

rachel, 31.png

I'm notorious among my friends for my love of savoury beige food, and there's nothing better after a night on the beer than a platter of tiny bowls full of savoury bits. My onion rings of choice are from Co-op – they're particularly greasy and tangy, and always take the edge off the sicky feeling. Noodles, always, the cheaper the better. These are Tesco value, chicken flavoured. I think they're about 13p and they're vegan! I've always added a little extra sprinkle of gravy powder before I add the water because it thickens them up and makes them extra salty. 


The final and most perfect addition to any hangover platter is a few pickled onions – the vinegar tang of these contrasts perfectly with the salty crisps, and you can justify it to yourself that you're actually eating a vegetable so it neutralises all the bad things from the night before. Not pictured: the perfect hangover drink, Irn Bru. – Rachel, 31

Doritos Dipped in Spaghetti Hoops


It’s all about the squishiness of the hoops smushed against the crispiness of the crisps. I used cheese Doritos here, but any kind of flavour and brand works, so long as there’s a flat, triangular surface with which to scoop the hot, superficial goodness out of the pan. Use alphabet spaghetti for extra fun (not pictured here), and ideally some grated cheddar cheese (also not pictured). Al, 28.

Red Wine and Krave Cereal

Joey, 25.png

Firstly, this meal is a matter of necessity – I rarely have anything decent [in the house], but I always have wine and cereal. But it’s also the most important combination of sugar and hair of the dog. Obviously, you can only really pair a Budgens Malbec with some Krave cereal. Any other pairing would be gross. – Joey, 25.

Egg Cage

egg cage.png

“Egg cage”, AKA fried egg framed by potato waffle and chip cube structure with a moat of beans. The construction element distracts from the hangover itself, and then the hit of carbs combined with the anti-anxiety aspect of eggs makes it the ultimate hangover cure. Oh, and serve with Kewpie mayo for elevated egg on egg action. – Izzy, 29.


Breaded Chicken Bagel with Syrup

Tess, 24.png

Breaded chicken pieces from Sainsbury’s, one plain bagel (toasted), a generous amount of Philadelphia cream cheese and enough maple syrup to coat the entire cream cheese layer. All of the cream cheese should be covered! You just cook the chicken in the oven and assemble. Bon appetit. – Tess, 23. 

Stuffing Balls Sandwich with Gravy


To make this grotesque treat, pop four Iceland stuffing slices in the microwave and at the same time put the kettle on for your gravy. Then put mayo on two slices of cheap white bread (not butter, as it'll make the taste weird).

When your stuffing is done, put the balls on the bread and mash them, to create a lovely smooth textured spread. Then pour a teeny bit of very thick Bisto in the middle and put the rest in a mug so you can dip, as it's quite a thick carby wedge. It's hearty and warm and tastes like a roast dinner, but with minimal effort. – Chelsea, 28.