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Rumblr, the Tinder for Bar Fights, Was Built by an Ad Agency (Of Course)

Try to act surprised.
Image: Chris MacPherson/Facebook

An app that seemingly promised to give "recreational fighters" the ability to find, meet, and fight other would-be fighters has turned out to be nothing more than a stunt for a "creative consulting agency" called von Hughes.


The app, called Rumblr, was supposed to launch on the web at 5 PM ET on Monday, November 9. Upon logging into the web app, users were then thrust into conversation with a bot. Upon the conclusion of the conversation with the bot, users were redirected to a website explaining that the app was merely a "an opportunity to showcase our branding skills."


The app generated intense media interest in the past few days, with publications like the

New York Daily News



, and

The Independent

running stories about what was quickly dubbed the "Tinder for fighting," which is literally a phrase used on the app's website.

Attempts by Motherboard to reach the phone number listed in Rumblr's WHOIS data were unsuccessful because that phone number has been disconnected. Attempts to reach an email address also included in the WHOIS data were also unsuccessful.

Update: Monday, November 9, 2015, at 7:10pm.

A Motherboard reader forwarded us these Facebook screenshots that allegedly show Jack Kim (whom Motherboard attempted to contact earlier on Monday) claiming to be one of the creators of Rumblr, noting that he could "whip out a prototype in a couple days."