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LulzSec Revival Hacker Claims Responsibility for TalkTalk Hack

“We did it #ForTheLulz,” the hacker said.

A hacker purporting to represent the group LulzSec has claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack that affected UK telecom TalkTalk this week.

TalkTalk revealed Thursday it was the victim of a cyber attack, and later said an individual purporting to be a hacker was demanding ransom money for stolen user information.

Now, hackers claiming to be part of a revival of LulzSec, a computer hacking collective responsible for several high profile attacks that reportedly disbanded in 2011, have claimed responsibility for part of the attack.

A hacker who goes by the name AnonZor told Motherboard they and co-leader Dax took down the website with a DDoS attack, which works by flooding the target's system with traffic. AnonZor added that LulzSec is not responsible for the leaked information or extortion revealed on Friday, only the DDoS attack.

"The stolen data is not done by us, we only did a DDoS attack to show the world that #LulzSec has returned," AnonZor said.

AnonZor, who declined to reveal where the LulzSec hackers are located, said to expect more downtime from the site as attacks continue this weekend. The incident this week marks the third cyberattack TalkTalk has experienced this year. The CEO previously admitted she "didn't know" if the data that was stolen was encrypted. On Saturday, the company said the attack is "smaller than originally thought," but still could not say if financial information compromised.

Joseph Cox contributed to this report.