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'Betting Bad': Fantasy Football For the Final Season of 'Breaking Bad'

A few die-hard fans of Vince Gilligan's critically lauded series just launched an amazing game for the show's final episodes.

Anticipation surrounding the impending final episodes of Breaking Bad just got even more exciting: Die-hard fans of Vince Gilligan's addicting series just launched Betting Bad, a web app that turns the show's final eight episodes into a Fantasy Football-esque betting game.

The game provides 70 hypothetical outcomes for players to choose from that are broken down into five categories, awarding players points when he or she correctly guesses something about the show's conclusion.

The synopsis video above gives a rundown of how things will work, and while there's no actual gambling with real money taking place (obviously), if you're a fan of the critically lauded show, partaking in Betting Bad is likely a no-brainer.

And if you're somehow reading this with some inexcusable reason for having not yet watched what may be the greatest television show ever created, don't fret. Almost all the episodes of seasons past are still on Netflix.

You should probably hurry though. At a series total of 54 episodes thus far, that gives you exactly 25 days to catch up on precisely 43.2 hours of old Breaking Bad episodes, just in time for when the final episodes begin on August 11—wagers for Betting Bad cease the day the first episode premieres. You can cast your bets starting now right here.