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Influential Rave Musician Guru Josh, Of "Infinity" Fame, Has Passed Away

At the moment the cause of his death is still unclear.
Photo from the artist's website

If the title of Guru Josh's 1990 single "Infinity" doesn't immediately ring a bell, you'll definitely have an "aha moment" when you hear the saxophone lead in the opening bars; it's one of the most recognizable hooks in the history of dance music.

Yesterday, The Guardian reported that the artist behind the track, real name Paul Walden, passed away in Ibiza on Monday. At the moment, the cause of death is still unclear.


"Infinity" has had two major surges of popularity in its lifetime. The first wave was sparked by Mark Pickering, a DJ at influential Manchester club Haçienda, whose early championing of the record led to its eventual entry onto UK pop charts. It made it all the way to number five in February of the year of its release.

In 2008, the track was redone as "Infinity 2008" with a more modern sound by Cologne's DJ Klaas, which lead to a second wave of popularity. The track peaked at number three on the UK singles chart, and the music video currently has over 77 million views on YouTube.

Guru Josh released only one album, after which he moved to Ibiza to focus on his art, his promotions company, and developing a program of 3D visual effects under the Dr Devious Experience moniker.

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