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US Border Protection Just Seized $880,000 in MDMA

A 48-year-old Canadian woman was busted with 16 bags of blue and pink pills.
Photos via US Customs and Border Protection

The US Customs and Border Protection seized roughly 28 pounds of ecstasy tablets at the Canadian border in Lewiston, NY on Thursday, Buffalo's WIVB News 4 reports. 48 year-old Canadian woman Donna Campbell was attempting to enter the US with a number of vacuum-sealed bags of pink and blue pills hidden in the back seat of her car. The border authorities estimate the street value of the drug at roughly $880,000.


The Lewiston, NY border checkpoint has been the site of a number of major drug busts throughout the years, including the 2010 seizure of over 3.6 million dollars in cocaine—one of the largest coke busts in US history, The India Times reported.

"This is an excellent seizure that demonstrates our officers' dedication to enforcing the CBP mission and protecting the public from illegal narcotics," Mark MacVittie, acting port director for the Port of Buffalo, told WIVB News 4. "Our officers are expertly trained, and they utilized that training to inspect a vehicle carrying illicit drugs."