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The Seven Best "Hotline Bling" Remixes From Around the World

We spent hours scrolling SoundCloud so you don't have to.

As should be pretty evident by now, everybody and their mama wants a piece of Drake's "Hotline Bling." Sure, any chart-topping club hit will generate its own universe of remixes, covers, parodies, disco edits, et cetera—but this one really struck a chord. In addition to all the YouTube amateurs crooning covers into their webcams, there are versions by Justin Bieber, Sam Smith/Discloure, and Erykah Badu, plus more bootleg remixes than you can shake a USB stick at.


Maybe it's that carefree little jig he does in the music video, that everyman's dance that invites you over and makes you think, "Hey, this can't be so difficult!" Or maybe it's the simplicity of the hook, the approachable vocal range, those relaxed notes that almost anybody can hit. Whatever it is, the Internet is teeming with alternate versions of "Hotline Bling," and not all of them are good (see Jadakiss' slightly awkward "Thot Line Bling" version). So we took it upon ourselves to round up the only versions worth listening to, from the small fries to the big fish.

1) Malaysian singer Yuna Zarai's cover version

This nearly beat-less lullaby version by Malaysian singer Yuna is so sweet it's almost creepy. She slows the whole number down, drawing out the jealous lyrics that you might have ignored if you were too busy turning up with your friends at the club.

2) Soulection member Esta's remix of the Kehlani and Charlie Puth cover version

Esta from the Los Angeles crew Soulection, offers an alarmingly sexy future bass remix of "Hotline Bling," as covered by American crooners Charlie Puth and Kehlani. Come for the bangin' 808s, stay for the heart-wrenching vocal harmonies.

3) Australian singer Will Singe's cover version

Speaking of heart-wrenching vocal harmonies, Australian singer William Singe brings a little gospel to the arrangement on his stripped-back version of the track. If this doesn't bring a tear to your eye, we can't help you.

4) Erykah Badu's "BUT U CAINT USE MY PHONE" version

The queen Erykah Badu injects a little eccentricity into the track, including an actual hotline interlude from her voicemail inbox. The soft chimes and jazzy keys that kick in towards the end of the track are also especially nice details. This one's off of her much-anticipated forthcoming mixtape, BUT U CAINT USE MY PHONE.


5) Sad Money's rework of Kehlani and Charlie Puth's cover version

The remix by Sad Money sounds like what Xanax feels like. So take two and do a little Drizzy dance to this one.

6) Dominican singer Messiah's Spanish-language version, produced by DJ 40

There are a handful of Spanish-language remixes and covers floating around Soundcloud and YouTube, but this one has the most to offer. Rather than simply serving an outright word-for-word translation, Dominican singer Messiah does some creative re-writes on the original material and adds a fire rap verse en español. Dale, papi.

7) Las Vegas producer AXB's remix of the Sam Smith cover version

Here we have a club-ready edit of the version sung by UK R&B star Sam Smith, which he performed live with Disclosure on BBC Radio 1 last month. It's not the world's most original remix, but this DJ tool by Las Vegas producer will help you take it into big-room house mode if you so desire.