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Larry Heard Takes Detroit Producer Mandingo Far into Deep Space on This New Remix

The house luminary's take on "Universe II" is destined to send discerning clubbers into a total tailspin.

There's a lot of music floating about in the world. There's possibly too much music, actually. So how do you, dear reader, decide what's worthy of your praise? How do you determine what needs to go straight to the top of your must-listen pile? There's a few ways of doing that of course, but by far the most useful is to see if Larry Heard's involved. If, by some magnificent stroke of luck, he is, then get whatever it is in your possession immediately.


Without Chicagoan Heard's contributions, its quite possible that house as we know it today wouldn't exist. That's not journalistic hyperbole either—Heard, a.k.a Mr Fingers, is as important as dance music producers get. Imagine a world without "Mystery of Love" or "Washing Machine" or "You're Someone Special" or "Can You Feel It," and what you're imagining is an infinitely duller world. Heard is house royalty, and is rightly worshipped as such.

Which is why we're absolutely ecstatic to be bringing you a world exclusive listen to a brand new remix by Heard himself. The big man's been given free reign over Detroit producer Mandingo's 2016 Rekids release "Universe II" for a fantastic 12" dropping this week on the same imprint. Heard's chunky, chewy, cosmically-attuned take on the track is a deep space roller destined to send discerning clubbers into a total tailspin over the next few weeks and months. If we still had a record bag, we'd tell you that it'd never leave ours. Oh, and the Melchior Productions remix on the other side of the record is a stunner too.

The Universe II remix package is out on Rekids on the 27th of January