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Next Hype: Taiki & Nulight + Free Download

Taiki on Oreos and the future of future bass, plus a free download of the duo's totally sweet "Leave Me."
July 25, 2013, 9:00pm

The Mongolian-born(!) Taiki looks so fresh-faced, all you want to do is grab his cheeks and go, "Daaaaw!" and give them a good squeeze. Something tells me that he might not appreciate that, though. Taiki and his DJ counterpart Nulight have been turning heads with releases on Herve's Cheap Thrills and Benga's Benga Beats, plus a steady stream of remixes for the likes of Foamo and My Nu Leng. Making their mark on famous radio shows like Rinse.FM and Radio 1 with their unique brand of future garage, Taiki and Nulight are set to join the ranks of other talented whippersnappers changing the face of UK bass. Like good millenials, they apparently just joined the tween photo-sharing phenomenon Snapchat.(Send your best selfies to "taikinulight" and if you're lucky, they'll duckface you back. Swoon!)


Taiki & Nulight's new EP is out July 30 on AC Slater's Party Like Us Records (aka PLUR). Download the awesome "Leave Me" above, then read on as Taiki talks about oreos and his obsession with water droplet sounds.

THUMP: Where are you from?

Taiki: Originally I'm from Mongolia. I came to England at the age of eight. I currently live in a village in called Forest Row, which is undoubtedly my hometown.

How old are you?
I'm 20, turning 21 in December.

One line about your hometown?
My hometown Forest Row is probably the reason I started to get so involved in bass music. Forest Row knows how to throw raves and parties, and if it wasn't for this place, I would never have started a music career.

What are your shared mutual favorite drinks and snacks?
My favourite drinks are hands down Coca-Cola and beer. As for snacks, I would definitely say Oreos or Haribo assortments.

What did the first ever track you made sound like and what was it inspired by?
When I first started producing it was around the time that dubstep was starting to elevate. I was obviously inspired by Caspa and Rusko's Fabriclive 37.

Where did you come up with your name?
My DJ name was a combination of my friend's first name and last name put together. If you must know, his name is Taichi Kimira.

What labels do you record for?
Currently, I have been doing stuff for Cheap Thrills, a label which has my greatest respect, a label which I've listened to a lot as I've grown into the bass music scene. And Party Like Us, who are currently preparing my new EP Key'ed. That is also a label I've been watching closely for some time. I'm also hoping to work with Black Butter.


Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
Idris Elba, no doubt. He's the sickest actor who plays my all-time favourite character Stringer Bell from The Wire.

If you could have hung out with one DJ/producer/band when you were fourteen who would it have been and why?
Justice. Those guys are gods. 'Nuff said.

Who is your best friend that also does music and what are they like?
My best friend in music will always be a guy named George Gleeson—a guy with exceptional talent with a guitar and his singing. I urge you all to check him out!

Other than a club or a house, whats the best environment to hear your music?
Most probably my Soundcloud at the moment.

What is your favorite sound right now?
Recently I've been obsessed with the water droplet noise that's used in most trap tunes. Though I'm not a huge fan of trap, it's still a sweet noise.

Name three non-musical inspirations.
Coca-Cola, Haribo and anything by Lindt.

Who is one up-and-coming artist you think we should look out for and why?
I've been thinking about this question for a while, and for me to pinpoint an artist is very difficult. After a long and painful think I'd have to say the duo My Nu Leng. If you haven't heard them, check them out. Big things coming for those guys.

What's next for you?
You'll have to wait and see.