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The New Eats Everything Video Is an Unpretentious Ode to the Absurdity of Clubbing

The track will see release via the UK duo Disclosure’s Method White imprint.

UK producer, Eats Everything, and legacy Chicago producer, Green Velvet, have enlisted a befuddled, jerky-limbed, and frankly kind of neurotic seeming dancer called Mr. Jones to star in their video for "The Duster." Finding himself in the middle of an empty dancefloor soundtracked by an infectious cowbell-driven house tune, he does what any of us would probably do—dance until he gets a headache, then pause to regain strength in order to keep on dancing until he gets a cramp.


Mr. Jones doesn't seem to have any idea how he got himself there—he signs a release form before asking what it is in the beginning of the video, looking at the film crew like total strangers—but he really doesn't seem to mind, throwing caution to the wind and diving in at full force anyway. Though he might look a little silly, there's definitely something heartwarming about his earnestness here, resilient in the face of the absurdity of the average club experience.

London filmmaker Sam Hurlock directed the video, and the track is out now on Method White, the club-focused sublabel of the UK duo Disclosure's Method Records.

A couple months ago, Eats Everything AKA Dan Pearce made the mistake of letting us into his archive of photos of his early raving days.