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Jey Kurmis Remixes Scurrilous into a Jar of Acid "Marmite"

Your Saturday just got a bit more acid-y.
February 7, 2015, 11:02pm

For the next release from newly formed Leeds label, Foreign Language Records, the UK imprint is dropping a new EP by Scurrilious, a production duo whose track "Marmite" ingeniously captures the distinctive and powerful flavor of the dark spread for which it borrows its name. Additionally, Jey Kurmis, the Leed-based artist who caught buzz last year for a club-crushing release on Hot Creations, chooses to inject a hefty seasoning of acid-drenched tones and some trippy robot vocals that repeatedly call out to the sound in which they're layered upon.


While you'll have to wait until March 2nd to get your paws on the full release, may the acid Marmite gods be forever in your favor.

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