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MIXED BY Aeroplane

It will never not be summer if you listen to this mix over and over again.

It may be a bit of a cliché to make dance music that's positive, fun, and downright sexy, but Aeroplane—real name Vito De Luca—surely doesn't care. Though he first operated in a duo alongside a man who now DJs in a tuxedo, Luca's output as a solo act has always offered a steadily effortless listen, splashing together breathy disco and piano-soaked house to create experiences that evoke standard balearic themes like sunset, summer, and sand.


As a DJ, Luca litters dancefloors with punchy rhythms of all shapes and sizes, staying true to his production M.O while turning up the speedometer. After the recent release of his latest 12" on Eskimo Recordings, Page One Is Love—two delicious say-goodbye-to-summer house jams that feature Chicago house legend Jamie Principle—Aeroplane's back on the road smashing rooftops, clubs, and even sprawling festivals like TomorrowWorld. Somehow between all of those activities, he's thrown together a MIXED BY for our series, entitled "I Forgot What House Gonna Say."

We're not sure what that title means either to be honest, but who needs explanations when you have an hour of quality house music? Get locked.

Aeroplane is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter