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DJ EZ Played For 24 Hours Straight This Weekend and Raised Over $80,000 for Charity Along the Way

Surely the pioneer of the Pioneers is due a knighthood now?
February 29, 2016, 2:35pm

We knew it'd be good, but we didn't know it'd be that good. Obviously DJ EZ, everyone's favorite pioneer of the Pioneers, playing for an entire day was going to be the musical highlight of 2016 thus far, but being the cynics we are, we didn't really think he'd actually, you know, DJ for the entire thing. We thought he might start displaying a penchant for really long Villalobos remixes or new age ambient whale-song cassettes, but no, the man only known to the world as EZ—seriously, check his Wikipedia page, there's no government name there—played a solid twenty four hours' worth of bass-heavy, dancefloor-ready Grade-A bombs to a semi-empty white cube of a room. And it was absolutely glorious.


EZ's marathon stint, which took place in Kennington and was beamed round to the world via Boiler Room, was all in aid of Cancer Research UK, and at the time of writing the main man has raised a monster £58,360 for the charity. You can continue donating here, and if you watched even two minutes of the set this weekend while writing around on the sofa nursing a comedown, we suggest you plonk a few quid in his virtual collection box as a thank you. After all, it's not every day you get to see one of the best DJs this country has ever produced absolutely smash it for a whole day.

So there you have it: proof that DJ EZ is a) superhuman and b) makes all the DJs out there playing "extended four-hour sets" look like the wusses they are. Hats off to him. Sorry. We're really sorry about that.

EZ's Just Giving is still open to donations so head over there right now.