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​Solomun's White Isle Journals no. 5: Lonely Mladen and His Super Cute Problem

No Miss Kittin, but lots and lots of kittens in Ibiza this week.

Welcome to my White Isle Journals, where you'll get an inside look at my life in Ibiza during my Solomun +1 residency this summer at Pacha.

Every week, I'll bring you deep inside Ibiza life, up-close and personal and behind the scenes. Then, I'll pick my own +1 from the island to show you the beating heart of the White Isle––The people. Lastly, I'll pick the track that took over the airwaves for me that week. There's so much going on, and on this party Island, you tend to forget fast. That's why I wanted to write it all down, so I can remember it all and share with you.


Last Sunday was a unique occasion because I had no +1-artist on my side at Pacha. The lovely Miss Kittin became ill and had to cancel all her gigs for the weekend, which was of course sad. I have known Caroline for a long time and I truly like and respect her a lot. But health, of course, comes first and so I played alone the whole night.

Honestly, it is a little boring to repeat that again and again, but the atmosphere of that party was truly unreal. We all went with the flow and then it was not such a big surprise for everybody that we ended up in this basement club again.

There I played b2b with friends from Hamburg – the Adana Twins. They visited me before at Pacha and then they joined me also at the after party, which was big fun. Now, from Miss Kittin to Miss Kittens. You'll see what I mean:

About Lili:

I have known Lili for three years. She was one of the girls that always came to our parties in Ibiza. She more or less spends the summer months here every year. She lives in Germany, but said to me that she's never spent a summer there!

Last year, she helped us out a lot. She would take care of the two cats and their 6 baby kittens that more or less lived with us whenever we would leave the Island. Lili was, for some weeks, the best catmother I could have imagined. She has this Hippie spirit that lots of people who live here have, and this is a spirit I always like.

What's your name?
Lili Conradi


Where do you come from?
I study in Germany, but I spend all of my free time in Ibiza

Why Ibiza?
My father came here and bought a house in the 1980s, so I pretty much grew up here.

What is it you like about Solomun parties?
Usually I never go to Pacha, but during a Solomun party there is a different vibe, from the very beginning. I go every sunday now because I meet friends there and I love the atmosphere. No matter where you are in the club, you always feel welcome.

Lili on Solomun and His Army of Kittens:

Over the last years, I became friends with Mladen's crew. At the end of last summer they obviously had a problem. It was a super cute problem, but still it was a serious one.

The problem was: 8 cats.

It started with two mothers. They were stray cats, fed by Solomun and his team over the summer. They all thought there were boys and gave them both male names. And surprise, surprise! when they got fatter and fatter, one day it turns out that they were girls – and they were pregnant.

Shortly after, they found out that they had six babies – and this was right before the had to leave the Island!

This is how I became a temporarily cat-mother of eight cats. There were lots of visits at the vets and even more fun with super cute kittens in our sauna house. If you want to have big fun, then you need at least 6 kittens, but then it's better if you don't have another job on top.

Afterwards, Mladen put a post on Facebook and some really nice new catpeople visited and now only the two mothers are still with me.

Solomuns Ibiza Track of the Week:

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