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Photo Diary: Brillz

We went on an adventure with trap star, Brillz, during his stop in Toronto.
May 8, 2014, 9:10pm

I met Brillz a couple years ago when we did our first shoot in Toronto and since he was just back in town for a show, we decided to meet up again. This time, I proposed a photo diary shoot, as soon as I mentioned it—he was ready for the camera. We started our shoot at a rusted rooftop and below were our adventures throughout the day leading up to his performance at The Hoxton.

Roof Shoot.

Old school.

Brillz City!

"Look into my eyes, bitch."

Human Weirdo.

"They callin' me!"

Night Vision.

"Pussy be mad twonking."

"Baby I like it raw."

Custom Made.

Knuckle up.

The Hoxton.

Twonk massive!

TNA gets ratchet!

Thugli: "What happend?"

Fuuuuzzzzzyyy Peeeeaaaachhhh.

Roll out!

Who shot ya?

Photography by: THESUPERMANIAK

Additonal colour image by: Steph George