Dantiez Saunderson Absorbed his Techno Flair by Osmosis
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Dantiez Saunderson Absorbed his Techno Flair by Osmosis

Recognize the last name?

It has taken Dantiez Saunderson a while to join the electronic music scene. As the son of Kevin Saunderson, a godfather of Detroit techno, Dantiez worries about doing the name justice. When he was 20-years-old, Dantiez decided it was time to share the talent he had inherited, so he began DJing and later produced his debut track "Undergo". His new EP, Deep Something, is set to launch on the Canadian label refused. this month and sticks with the same tech house vibe pioneered by his father.


The record features two original tracks, "Deep Something" and "The Way We Move". The title track is underlined by crackling basslines and characterized by hi-hats and melodic vocals. Justin James took a swing at the track and added an ominous bass, stocky synthesizers, and a somewhat frequent industrial resonance that resides in Detroit's classic sound.

On Rory PQ's remix, the rawness insinuated by James is set aside in favor of a sexier and groovier rhythm. There's a notable deep house vibe that follows the style's traditional structure. By the time "The Way We Move" comes on, it wraps the EP in pure techno. The track is hypnotic and linear, and focuses its climax through a percussive evolution and melody changes.

THUMP chatted with Dantiez via email recently to get the scoop on the son of a techno legend. Listen to "Deep Something" below.

THUMP: How much of your father's style do you think you've absorbed into your own music?
Dantiez Saunderson: I would have to say that a pretty good amount of my father's sound was absorbed into mine, almost through a natural osmosis. After all, I grew up hearing everything that was going on in the studio. When I listen to my own stuff, I definitely hear his influence. You can definitely hear it in my more techy productions.

Why did it take you until 20-years-old to start producing?
When I was young, I was much more involved in sports and had little passion for electronic music. In fact, if anything I was more into hip-hop. It kind of makes sense though, because you usually don't want to do want your folks do.


What inspired you to take this path in music?
I realized that I was not going to to be a pro athlete….and while out with friends I started hearing these fresh sounds and suddenly everyone I knew was producing or DJing. I went with the flow and it felt so natural for me, so I got completely sucked in. It's all I think about now.

Were you involved in the techno scene in any other way?
I grew up in the techno scene. I literally grew up around Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen, all those guys….so I guess I was kind of like a sponge, absorbing all the creativity around me.

Do you bring hip-hop to your productions or performances?
I definitely bring an element of hip-hop whenever I produce, even if it's super subtle, it always runs through my brain. Sometimes adding simple breakbeats will get that extra flavour, it's like an undercurrent.

What's your take on trap music and future beats?
The great thing about producing electronic or rhythmic music is that the beat is always changing. The BPMs are always changing and somebody always comes up with something fresh, it's a cycle that keeps running and that's why I love it. It keeps you on your toes.

Compared to your debut "Undergo", what new elements did you bring to Deep Something?****
Since the EP is for refused. I was able to explore a more experimental side of my musical self. It was a really cool process to try and combine the strong elements of underground house and techno to create something fresh. It's definitely something I don't get to do quite often, so was a lot of fun!

What did you think when you heard the remixes for your original tracks?
If I could describe it in one word: dope! Justin delivers a banging minimal techno mix with a trippy flavour while Rory rocks a groovy deep house mix for the dancefloors. I love them!

Catch Dantiez's performance at the THUMP Presents Kevin Saunderson Origins stage on May 23 at Movement Detroit.

'Deep Something' is out now on Beatport.

Dantiez Saunderson is on SoundCloud // Facebook