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Things We Expect to See at the Kygo Hotel

It's going to be the chillest rager ever when the trop-house superstar checks in.

As part of Bergenfest, the music festival set to take place June 11-14 in Kygo's hometown of Bergen, Norway, the tropical house superstar will take over the city's Scandic Ornen hotel and turn it into a Kygo-themed fantasyland of superchill vibes. Renderings (above) indicate what the spectacle is expected to look like. Standing from one position you can see the word "KYGO" 11 times. That's awesome! We love Kygo's name.


Accordingly, we wanted to imagine what else this magical hotel could have in store for its guests. Here's everything we expect to see at the Kygo Hotel (and we're feeling really chill about it).

Pickled Fish in Mason Jars

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Music industry veteran Lyor Cohen on trying sign Kygo: "I hiked to Norway and I ate a lot of smoked fish at his parents house. I thought I had it done." Smoked or pickled, fish will be all that's on the room service menu.

Long Sleeved Hawaiian Shirts

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These are for all the trop dudes who are super chill but don't wanna be super chilly. It's probably fucking freezing in Bergen

Sand Everywhere

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Trop-house ain't the same without your toes in the sand. Yeah, it will be annoying when you're shaking imported sand out of your toothbrush months after you get home, but where else can you get sand in your intimate crevasses without needing sunscreen? Don't answer that.

Kygo Solo Performing Operatic Arias

In addition to single-handedly inventing trop-house, Kygo is probably fluent in 13 languages, runs a six-minute mile, and, as pictured above, can perform La Traviata in three octaves.

Charts on Neck Exercises

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Kygo is known for having the most muscular neck in dance music. It's incredibly girthy. The above neck exercise chart (found in every room) will prepare Kygo fans for all the steady head-bobbing they'll be doing at the show.


Kygo's Manager Yelling

If you're really committed to superchill vibes, sometimes there's gotta be a guy who isn't afraid to get unchill to maintain the overall chillness.

The Looming Spectre of Kygocorp.

Is this a party or the headquarters of some totalitarian regime?

"Kygo: Greatest Hits" CD on Every Pillow

They're coming, we promise.

Blank Stares

Look into these eyes. What do you see? This is the future of music.