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The Last Record: DJ and Producer Chrissy's Last Purchases Were Strictly Old School

The DJ and producer loves Hi-NRG, techno and new wave equally.
Photo courtesy of Chrissy

When he's not feeling immobilized like a ghost from a batch of pot cookies, Chrissy is traveling across the country as an in-demand DJ. His deep affection for juke and footwork in particular was a factor in the genre translating beyond Chicago's borders. He also crafts smart and sharp disco, house and synth pop edits as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians. His latest effort includes the self-titled debut album from his new synth pop duo, Chrissy & Hawley, scheduled for release on July 15th through Night Owl Diner.


We asked Chrissy about the latest music he purchased. The DJ and producer grabbed three singles more than 20 years old to add to his vast collection of pop, disco, techno, among other genres.

1. "Never Can Say Goodbye" by Sonia & Nancy

This is a really cheesy Hi-NRG Euro-pop cover of the Gloria Gaynor disco classic that I picked up at Gramaphone Records in Chicago (among a huge stack of stuff I snagged there, but I'll just pick one out of that haul). I've been deep into Hi-NRG disco lately--it's just really happy and cheery and fun, you know?

2. "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson

I picked up the promo 12" version of this at Josey Records in Kansas City. It's one of my all-time fave songs. I already have the album, but I've been looking for this promo 12" for a while because the LP version is short and has a fade-in intro, whereas this version is a little longer and has more of a proper beginning than just a fade-in (better for playing in a DJ set!). Actually writing this out makes me feel like some sort of recluse stamp collector.

3. "Time To Express " by Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes (Fierce Ruling Diva Remix)

I found this one at Selectors Records in Vancouver, which is one of those little shops that always has neat surprises in it. Fierce Ruling Diva were a rave act from the Netherlands, and this is their remix of a Detroit techno classic from the 1980s. It's really charming, and although it's a little dated, I think it still bangs.

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