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Nightlife Community Condemns Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub

Performers and figures such as The Black Madonna and Dubfire shared their thoughts.
Photo from Pixabay

Members of the nightlife community across the country have begun to share their thoughts and reflections on the shooting at Pulse Nightclub which resulted in 50 deaths and 53 injuries. Below are some of their thoughts.

The Black Madonna

Chicago DJ The Black Madonna wrote explicitly about her experiences as a queer woman and how places like Pulse save lives over a series of tweets. "So help me fucking god if the US news outlets fail to describe what just happened at Pulse as a terrorist attack on queer people," she began. "Also fuck literally everyone who has worked for anti-queer legislation in America and anywhere else. The blood is on your hands. I am a queer woman. I am the child of a queer family. I am the grandchild of a queer grandmother. This is an attack on all of us. I am fucking over it. I am so fucking mad I could break something. Pulse is exactly the kind of hometown club that saved my life. It is the kind of place that let me live as a young person. I am so sorry this has happened. I am so so sad and sorry. To all my queer family and people who support them, I love you. I fucking do."


Berlin-based DJ Scuba was philosophical about the shooting, writing, "Seeking to impose your morality on others is an immoral act in of itself #OrlandoShooting."


"When you make stupid bathroom laws and put ideas in people's heads and then add almost NO gun laws this is what happens," tweeted the NY producer.

Tommie Sunshine

"I hope the medical community in #Orlando is working as hard to save those injured as the MSM is working hard to pin this on radical Islam," began Sunshine over a series of tweets. "Pay close attention to your bigoted friends/fam struggle w/ who they hate more: Muslims or the LGBTQ community."

Lauren Martin of Red Bull Music Academy and RBMA Radio

"To be in a room with your chosen family, in love & celebrating music & just BEING, and then to be robbed of everything - it's heartbreaking. Going to queer parties makes me feel so certain and relaxed and understood. To think that someone would seek to destroy that - such cruelty," Martin said, later adding the following after President Obama's speech. "Watching Obama's address about the shooting and imagining in horror what Trump would say about it on the same platform. Seems like America is forever refining the national performative rhetoric of anger & grief, but never the laws that would make it needless."


"I blame the NRA for aiding extremism in America. The NRA is a terrorist organization. No more thoughts and prayers from government officials. Action must be taken NOW," the solo artist and Sepalcure member wrote on his Twitter.


"Our hearts go out to Orlando & the amazing LGBT community right now, & I beg that we not allow this senseless act of violence to divide us," the band wrote.


"Our hearts go out to the victims of the Orlando shooting. Our prayers and with their friends and families," wrote the group, adding, "The Orlando and Paris shootings hit so close to home since they happened at music venues. It's a scary time for artists as well as fans."


"Incredibly sad to hear the news about the mass shooting and casualties in #Orlando And in a nightclub no less—a place that I consider as holy as any place of worship. As an American I'm ashamed that our country has repeatedly roadblocked any sensible gun control legislation. And as a Muslim by birth, I'm ashamed and sickened that someone would carry out yet another cowardly act of atrocious violence in the name of religious extremist views. Regardless of the political or social circumstances that allowed it to happen, this is a Muslim problem and Muslims worldwide must band together, condemn these religious fundamentalist views and root this evil out. We're living in dark times"