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There's Soothing Balearic and a Slipknot Remix in this Week's Seven Most Played

Enjoy a perfectly packed picnic of the week's best new music.

As another week slides into the weekend as easily as that first pint on a Friday evening, we're getting all nostalgic about the last seven days. And what a week it was! Harvey Price swore on television! Liverpool collapsed in the cup final! Other things happened! There was lots of good music too, so we've rounded it all up for you and, like a massive, perfectly packed picnic, there's something for everyone. We've got disco don Kon serving up another exquisite edit, some prime throwback house jams from the Clone Royal Oak camp, and Kim Ann Foxman getting seriously in the zone on the most recent Beats in Space show. In addition to that, there's a sublimely chilled out mix from Joe Morris, Big Dope P's slamming Tiga remix, Slugabed & Sega Bodega's gold top club excursions, and an absolutely batshit Slipknot edit courtesy of Toxe.


Chug it all down below:

1. Slipknot - Psychosocial (Toxe Edit)

2. Slugabed & Sega Bodega - Milk

3. Kon - Colleen Grant (Kon Edit)

4. Kim Ann Foxman - Beats in Space #834

5. Fell's Point - Street Side

6. Tiga ft. Pusha T - Bugatti (Big Dope P remix)

7. Joe Morris - Dream Chimney Mix #117

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