fuck that's delicious gift guide


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The 'Fuck, That's Delicious' Holiday Gift Guide

Out of ideas for gifts this year? Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, and Alchemist know exactly what you need.



Action is obsessed with this dark, refreshing rose from Sicily, and so are we—mostly because it's delicious, but also because it's so fun to say. (Various prices, depending on availability)

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2015 Sigurd White Blend

This fruity, bright yellow Southern Australian wine goes down like water. ($32)

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Gentle Folk Wine – Rainbow Juice 2015

This ultra-dry wine from Gentle Folk is made of seven Australian varietals, and, though it looks like Hawaiian Punch, it's as complex and grown-up as they come. ($25)

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Lion Red Beer

A little malty, a little hoppy, and completely ubiquitous in New Zealand. (Various prices, depending on availability)

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Magma Rosso

Another hit from Frank Cornelissen, this one is fuller and spicier than the Susucaru, but no less terrific. (Various prices, depending on availability)

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Paolo Bea Arboreus Umbria Bianco 2010

This full-bodied Umbrian white wine is a beautiful amber color, and drinks like a red. ($60)

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Farberware Seafood Lobster Claw Cracker

There's only one way to look cool while spraying lobster claw juice all over yourself, and it's with this meta-ass shell-cracking device. ($14)

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Suisin Inox Western-Style Paring Knife

A good paring knife is a kitchen necessity. A good-looking paring knife isn't, but you should have one anyway. ($75)

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Craft Beer, Especially Lagunitas

If you took as much shit from your friends as Alchemist does, you'd be pounding a lot of beer too. (Various prices, depending on the beer)