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This Is Britain’s Favourite Christmas Food (and It’s Not Turkey)

A new survey has revealed the Christmas dinner item Brits most enjoy.
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
Photo via Flickr user orangejon

It may feel like the world is ending in a clusterfuck of misogyny, racism, climate change denial, and terrible, terrible hair, but at least we've got Christmas to look forward to, eh? The John Lewis advert is out and you've received at least two passive aggressive emails from the guy lumped with organising your office Christmas party. That's something at least!

Presumably to inspire some festive cheer (and distract from your suddenly quite pressing fear of dying in a nuclear war), British supermarket chain ASDA has released the results of a customer survey on the country's favourite Christmas food.


The supermarket asked 2,000 of its customers for their favourite Christmas dinner ingredient. Surprisingly, first place wasn't taken by the traditional turkey, but that other popular, oil-smothered contender: roast potatoes.

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In second place came carrots (really, guys?), followed then by turkey, gravy, and stuffing. Pigs in blankets came in sixth place, then parsnips and the ever-divisive Brussels sprouts.

Commenting on the results, an ASDA spokesperson said: "Christmas is one of those occasions that doesn't need messing up with too much."

Too right. Contrary to what your vegan cousin will try to tell you, popular "superfoods" foods all scored low. Those surveyed did not enjoy avocado, kale, or spinach in their Christmas dinner.

Not surprising, really. Even Deliciously Ella herself wouldn't sully the birthday of baby Jesus with a smoothie.