We Ate Loads of Sandwiches to Celebrate the New MUNCHIES Show About Sandwiches


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We Ate Loads of Sandwiches to Celebrate the New MUNCHIES Show About Sandwiches

The Sandwich Show premieres on MUNCHIES this week. Here’s what happened at the launch party.

You know what's great? Sandwiches. Sandwiches are great.

The OG lunch food, they're found in Jewish delis, Vietnamese hole-in-the-walls, Mexican street food stalls, and provincial English cornershops alike; each variation championing that unbeatable combo of bread, filling, and more bread.


The Sandwich Show host Max Halley's Korean-inspired beef sandwich. All photos by Jake Lewis.

You can make them fancy with multi-seed loaves and expensive condiments, but also craft a fairly respectable one after stumbling home from the pub (just stay away from the toaster). They're the official snack of both hangovers and summer picnics, especially when stuffed with crisps.


Sandwiches are also a great vehicle for exploring new cuisines. What food can't you cram between two slices of bread?

With this in mind, London sandwich shop owner Max Halley is embarking on a tour of the UK in search of inspiration for a new sarnie to put on his menu. And we made a show about it.

In the first episode of The Sandwich Show—premiering on MUNCHIES this week—Max visits New Malden, home to London's largest expatriate Korean community. Here he samples patbingsu dessert, learns the secret to good kimchi, and gets a lesson in Korean barbecue. Then it's up to Max to create a Korean-inspired sandwich. No spoilers, but it ends up being pretty tasty.

Here's what happened when MUNCHIES threw a party in Max's Sandwich Shop to celebrate the launch of The Sandwich Show. We tried his Korean sarnie for ourselves and washed it all down with Beavertown beer and soju from Korea Foods.

Is there anything the sarnie can't do?


Max's Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill, North London.


Sandwich king Max, centre.


All photos by Jake Lewis.