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Watch Ms Banks’ Explosive New Video for “OMG”

So, how does one person pull off so many intensely iconic looks?
Daisy Jones
London, GB

The first time we clocked south London rapper Ms Banks was when she first appeared on BBC Radio 1Xtra's Fire In The Booth, delivering an incredibly smooth freestyle over Kanye's "30 Hours" instrumental and racking up a shit ton of views and everyone's undivided attention in the process.

Now, we're premiering her explosive new video for "OMG", a high energy dubstep-inflected track where she tears down all her enemies with a series of perfectly executed lyrical pars. In the clip, Banks spends the whole time looking fierce as fuck, wearing thigh-high leather boots and aviators on a racing track (iconic), a huge, bright red fur coat with pretty much nothing else (also iconic) and riding a BMX through the streets in a leotard covered in patches (absolutely yes).

"The everyday motto is to 'turn up and get f*cked. It's lit'." Ms Banks told Noisey, "Lol, no but seriously this beat made me bring the rawness back. I love it so much. 'OMG' is about how it made me feel and how I put that energy back into the track." There you have it.

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