The Past Slides Into Your DMs on So Loki's "Boo Boo"

"New phone, who dis?" is an impeccable verse from a 21st century sonnet.
April 10, 2017, 1:30pm

Image by Mats Schram If Shakespeare had a cellphone, the greatest romance sonnets would have a lot more eggplant, peach and tear drop emojis. Of course, by romance I mean the one-night kind. So Loki reached pinnacle sad-boys-in-lust vibes with their newest track, "Boo Boo." The Vancouver hip-hop duo, consisting of frontman Sam Lucia and producer Geoffrey Millar, sing rap over a bass heavy slow jam. "Boo Boo" features inspiring lines such as "New phone, who dis?" and "I ain't tryin' to repeat the past/ I ain't trying come eat that ass."


"This album we've been working on has brought out a lot of lengthy conversations about life, love, and the digital age," So Loki said about the song, "You can't just escape when your whole life is being shared, liked and tweeted. Sometimes you can walk away from your past and sometimes your past slides in the DMs. Hell of a world." Listen to So Loki's "Boo Boo" below:

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