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Ejaculating Blood is a Thing That Happens

Image: Jesse Morrow/Stocksy

It was just a regular day at the dungeon. A man booked an hour-long session with Mistress Phoenix using an alias. He wanted to get pissed on while simultaneously being humiliated, so at the end of the session, he requested a walk-on—an additional dom to join the fun. In comes Mistress Echo, and boy was she unprepared for what came next. "I got all sex dominatrix'd up and came upstairs," Echo says. "There had been some light bondage with some teasing and denial. It was very tame. Phoenix had brought him into the bathroom and was squatting over him, pissing on him while he touched himself in a bathtub. I was shouting, being mean and humiliating, but also encouraging."


After a bit, the guy came into a condom ("if there's a dick out, there's a condom on it," Echo says). But what was in the condom was a shock: what appeared to be pure blood. It was a regular old, run-of-the-mill orgasm, according to Echo, and the client apparently didn't bat an eyelash. He simply cleaned himself up and left. No signs of pain, discomfort, or anything. "I'm a professional," Echo says. "I've seen it all, but this time I was speechless. My first thought was, Holy shit, did this guy shit his condom? Is he a monster? Is he okay?" A picture Echo took (warning: not for the faint of heart) can be found below.

The client never returned, and all other doms Echo spoke to about the incident said they'd never encountered anything like that before. When asked what would happen if the client came back, Echo explains that they'd have to have a serious conversation about why the client didn't mention the condition to her and her colleague. "He needs our consent," she says. "Blood is a whole other biohazard. And even though I was shocked, I didn't wanna kink- or body-shame him for what happened. I would've totally been down if he asked me to shame him, but he didn't."

So…what the fuck?

The condition the man had is called hematospermia. Surprisingly, it might not be all that bad, medically speaking. Maahum Haider, a urologist at the University of Washington, says the condition is actually most often benign. According to Haider, the blood-ejaculate could've been due to anything from "stones in the ejaculatory duct system, obstruction, infection or inflammation in the prostate or seminal vesicles, or even cancer." All of these conditions, she says, lead to irritation in the ejaculatory ducts' lining, which often leads to bleeding (this can mean that ejaculate gets tinged pink, or, as in the case of the dungeon client, overwhelmed by blood—the amount varies). Generally speaking, ejaculating blood tends to be a one-time thing, and most of hematospermia's causes aren't too worrisome: A review of ten years' worth of hematospermia cases showed that only 5 percent of patients with it had prostate cancer. Haider says that hematospermia tends to go away on its own, but one should get a check-up if it goes on for more than six weeks.

While the data suggests that approximately one in every 5,000 patients visiting urological outpatient clinics come for hematospermia, and that those who have it are generally between 30 and 40 years old, we don't actually have reliable numbers on just how common (or uncommon) it actually is, because, well, men often don't actually look at their own cum. The study also notes that the causes of hematospermia, interestingly enough, don't end up being identified in up to 70 percent of cases.The only worrisome case of hematospermia Haider has seen turned out to be because of a skewed connection between the ejaculatory duct and a blood vessel that was fixed via surgery. Nonetheless, we can't blame Mistress Echo for being shook in the immediate aftermath.