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Von Miller Gets to Cam Newton Again, Forces Fumble to Seal Broncos Win in Super Bowl 50

This is the play that sealed Super Bowl 50.
February 8, 2016, 3:20am

For the second time this game, Von Miller caused Cam Newton to fumble in the shadow of his own goal post and it turned into points for the Broncos. On third-and-nine from the Carolina 25, Miller ran through Mike Remmers and got his hand on the ball as Cam was getting ready to throw. It bounced around in a scrum, and then got kicked back further towards the Panthers end zone before T.J. Ward fell on it.


The Broncos took the ball over at the four and ran it twice for no gain. Then Peyton Manning threw incomplete to Demaryius Thomas on third down, and it looked like the Carolina defense at least forced a field goal. Unfortunately, Josh Norman was hit with a pass interference penalty and the Broncos had a fresh set of downs.

C.J Anderson then pounded it into the end zone on first down—held up on replay—and a successful two-point conversion made it 24-10 Denver, with just over three minutes to play in the game. The Broncos are Super Bowl Champions and Von Miller should be your MVP. And Peyton Manning gets his storybook ending–and second Super Bowl win—tying his uncontrollably delighted brother, Eli.