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Good News: College Football Is Still a Cesspool

College football and college football fans remain the worst.

Shots fired…
— Old Row (@OldRowOfficial) November 6, 2015

What we have here is a sign hanging from what looks to be an Alabama frat house that says, "Finish what Katrina started," complete with a stylized "A" for Alabama. Bama plays LSU Saturday night and it's a big deal. How big? Make-light-of-devastating-natural-disasters big. Hurricane Katrina was such a disaster in New Orleans that we still don't have an accurate death toll. Estimates range from 1,200 people to 1,800 but whatever the number, it's a lot.

Leonard Fournette, LSU's star running back and Heisman candidate, lived through Katrina. In fact, the experience stuck with him so much he almost got in trouble for wanting to auction off a game-worn jersey for victims of a similar disaster in Charleston, South Carolina, last month.

Look, sports fans are often stupid meatheads—even more so when they are young and in a frat—but come on, guys. I mean, is this the best a Bama education has to offer?