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Duke's Grayson Allen Puts Up A Buzzer Beater That's So Ugly It's Beautiful

Oof, that's pretty.
February 14, 2016, 12:54am

Former NCAA champions and currently unranked Duke went up against No. 7 Virginia tonight, and most bookies would have been setting some lopsided odds in Virginia's favor (Duke's defense is rated 121 this year). But wouldn't you know it? A goddamn miracle happened at the hands of wonderboy Grayson Allen at the last second.

After a neck and neck game that saw Duke down by three at the half, the final seconds came down to a one point spread. Allen inbounded the ball, and after getting it handed right back, he prodded the defense but looked like he ran out of options. His defender was tracking him, there were hands all in his face—but some how, by the grace of a higher power, he rattled off a one-handed shot from the hip and it made it in right at the buzzer.

The result wasn't pretty. Nay, it was ugly AF. But the winning was so sweet.