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Man Convicted of Killing His Friend Over a $700 Bet on Super Bowl XLVII

It's simply never worth it.

I don't know if you can remember all the way back to 2013, but there was a Super Bowl and one team won it. The aftermath included the conclusion of yet another football season, maybe a few hundred thousand hangovers, some decaying cheese dip—and, apparently, murder.

The Associated Press reports that a man was convicted this week of killing his friend over a Super Bowl XLVII bet. Eddie Roberson, a 31-year-old 49ers fan from Newark, had bet his buddy Talif Crowley $700 that the Ravens would lose. To Roberson's dismay, the score finished at 34-31 in Baltimore's favor.

If you remember the details of the game, the Harbaughs were going head-to-head in New Orleans, there was a blackout in the Superdome, and Ravens punter Sam Koch faked a punt, initiating a mad scramble in the end zone for a safety with 12 seconds on the clock. It was a crazy game.

Instead of being a good sport, though, Roberson claimed that the Niners were cheated out of a win, and refused to pay. Two days later, he shot Crowley six times.