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Jose Reyes Suspended Until May 31, 51 Days in Total

Jose Reyes will be eligible to return on June 1st.

Major League Baseball announced this afternoon that Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes will be suspended until May 31, and the suspension is retroactive to the date he was placed on paid leave by the Rockies, February 23rd. In total, Reyes will be suspended and docked pay for 51 games, including the time he was on leave.

Earlier this week, Jon Heyman reported Reyes could have been looking at a suspension of at least 60 games "and perhaps significantly longer than that" for allegedly grabbing his wife Katherine by the throat and throwing her against a sliding door in their hotel room in Hawaii on Halloween. The police were called to the hotel and Reyes was arrested and Katherine was treated for injuries to her neck, wrist, and thigh, following the altercation. The charges were later dropped because Katherine would not cooperate with the Maui prosecution. Baseball's new domestic violence policy does not rely on the criminal process, however, and we've already seen Aroldis Chapman—who returned May 9th—get suspended 30 days for his own domestic violence case that also went uncharged by prosecutors.

Statement from #MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on the discipline of #Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes
— Jill Martin (@ByJillMartin) May 13, 2016

It seems that Manfred, Reyes, and the union likely agreed on the length—possibly after some prodding from Heyman's "perhaps significantly longer than that" report—because according to Buster Olney, Reyes will not appeal the suspension, and will be eligible to begin a minor league rehab on June 1. Olney also suggested that teams are interested in trading for Reyes, who likely will have a hard time pushing Trevor Story out of the lineup.