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Northwestern Player Drops Ball to Tie Shoelace, Gets Justifiably Wrecked With Turnover

This one is all on Shoelaces McGee here.

Northwestern senior Ashley Deary apparently wanted to learn things the hard way last night. It's not entirely clear what kinds of consideration Deary thought she deserved from officials and opponents just because her shoelace was undone mid-game, but she certainly paid the price for assuming she was in the clear.

In last night's game between Rutgers and Northwestern, Deary dropped down to her knee to tie her shoe after an inbounds, after looking to the ref as if to say, "this is cool, right?" The ref kind of shrugged, and actually helped Deary by pointing at Rutgers' oncoming Khadaizha Sanders but it was too late. Deary got bodied, jacked, or whatever other euphemism for Embarrassed In A Way That Involves Landing On Your Butt. She also gave away the ball for an easy Rutgers layup. The Northwestern coach looked pissed at the ref, but you can't fault the official—if anything, she had Deary's back.

It's doubtful that Deary's wrong move was the pivotal moment in what wound up being a 60-38 loss for Northwestern, but this particular mistake was certainly all on Shoelaces McGee.