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English Reality TV Star is Rocked by Rugby Hit

Former All Black is living the dream by crushing reality TV stars.

Last night at a charity match for Rugby for Heroes, Hunger Games-looking fake reality TV star Jamie Laing from "Made in Chelsea," got absolutely lit up by former All Black Brad Thorn. Laing later took a trip to the hospital with cracked ribs, according to Daily Mail.

While I don't condone intentionally injuring anyone in sports, I can only think of a short list of people who wouldn't take the opportunity to hospitalize a reality TV star for something besides a liver transplant. At least within the confines of their dark, twisted imagination.

"Made in Chelsea" is a particularly vile brand of reality TV, like "The Hills" of West London, which celebrates obscene wealth backed by little accomplishment. At this point, television has built the world's first perpetual motion machine, rewarding these already-rich, horrible people for merely existing. After all that encouragement, it was likely a surprise to Laing that he couldn't take on a bunch of professional rugby players—if only he were as big as his trust fund.

Ironically, the charity went to benefit former military personnel with their issues of PTSD. With a hit like that, Laing will be feeling plenty.