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Rugby Player Ruins $94,000 Camera by Signing It

Kenyan rugby star Collins Injera scored his 200th try and signed an on-field camera as part of his celebration. Only problem is, he ruined the camera.

At first blush this doesn't seem like a big deal, we've seen tennis stars sign the camera lens during big tournaments for years now, but when Kenyan rugby player Collins Injera signed the camera after his 200th try for Kenya at the World Sevens Series, he ruined the very expensive camera. Injera stashed a Sharpie in his socks and after he scored his historic try, he signed the ball and then ran to the camera in the corner and signed that as well.

Straight from the you-learn-something-new-every-day file, ordinarily when we see those tennis players signing cameras, they are actually signing a very thin protective layer over the lens itself. The camera Injera signed was not outfitted with any such layer and so the cameraman was left with a very expensive bit of memorabilia: a replacement lens costs roughly $94,000.