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UMFANG Announces 'Symbolic Use Of Light' LP on Ninja Tune

The producer also shared the spry lead single "Weight," which almost has the quality of devotional music.
Photo of UMFANG by Cait Oppermann

Brooklyn-based producer Emma Olson, a.k.a. UMFANG, announced a new LP today, Symbolic Use Of Light, on legacy imprint Ninja Tune's Technicolor sub-label. The record marks the Discwoman co-founder's highest profile release to date, following previous releases on Vancouver label 1080p, Physical Therapy's Allergy Season imprint, and others.

Olson has also blessed us with the album's lead single in "Weight," a spry, decided weightless track. We're tempted to call it liturgical techno, consisting as it does of ethereal organ runs and shuffling chord patterns evocative of classical compositions from the Baroque period.


The album will be out on June 16, and is available for preorder.

Last year Olsen released the harrowing Riffs EP on 1080p, and THUMP thought it was one of the 33 best records of the year.

Symbolic Use of Light tracklist:

1. Full 1
2. Weight
3. Symbolic Use Of Light
4. Where Is She
5. Path
6. Pop
7. Sweep
8. Wingless Victory
9. Full 2

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