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ODESZA Shares New Single and Prepares to Drop Another Today

"Line Of Sight" is out now, and the group says the next track will be released "in a few hours."
Image courtesy of the artists.

Seattle duo ODESZA released their first new song since 2015 today in "Line Of Sight," featuring a little-known artist called WYNNE and Sydney trio Mansionair. The tune is a meltingly wistful slow-burner, built around a singalong hook prominently featuring a pitched-up vocal sample. They've also taken to Twitter to say that they'll share yet another new track "in a few hours," which is really more than any ODESZA diehard could ever ask for.


Today's news follows nearly a week of intrigue surrounding the group as they've hyped new music on social media and created a mysteriously empty playlist on Spotify. The playlist's title  "…._/..___….." turns out to have been Morse code for 4/25, which is today, and sure enough, "Line Of Sight" has is now in the playlist.

The playlist has also been renamed "Line Of Sight / ..__.."; the section in Morse code translates to a question mark. This would suggest that the only new music they're releasing through the playlist for now is a two-song single, as opposed to something longer like an EP or album.

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