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Kendrick Lamar Just Got a DAMN Hyperrealistic Portrait

22-year-old self-taught illustrator Gurekbal Singh Bhachu says it was worth drawing every hair on Kendrick's fur coat.
Instagram via @g_singh_b

If you need another reason to stop what you're doing and blast Kendrick Lamar's new album, DAMN, check out this excruciatingly detailed rendition of the rap kingpin courtesy of 22-year-old London-based illustrator Gurekbal Singh Bhachu. He's been posting his progress to Instagram and Twitter for the past two weeks, and when he finally released the completed portrait, Lamar faved.

Bhachu's work focuses mostly on rappers and celebrities, reproducing their iconic poses with layers of minuscule strokes from his Faber Castell 9000 graphite pencil. He says he's a self-taught artist, which makes his renditions even more impressive. Kendrick's fur coat was the biggest challenge of the piece, according to his Instagram post. "This might be one of my favorite pieces," he writes. "The fur coat really makes it stand out from the rest of my other portraits."


Along with Lamar, Bhachu has also gotten positive Twitter feedback from Reebok, TOP DAWG ENT, and Faber Castelli. See more of his work on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Creators here to find your next favorite artist.


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