This Chinese Koji Fried Chicken Is the Perfect Mix of Tender and Crunchy


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This Chinese Koji Fried Chicken Is the Perfect Mix of Tender and Crunchy

Everyone has their opinions about where to get the best fried chicken, but let's just say that Mission Chinese Food's is a guaranteed slam dunk no matter what.

Look, fried chicken is a touchy subject. Not as to whether it's good or not—clearly, it is a king in the realm of greasy favorites. The controversy lies in where to get the best. I'm talking the good stuff, man. Lemme get some of that fried chicken, ay?

In New York City, there are literally thousands of places to choose from when it comes to getting your fried chicken fix. But last year, New York magazine gave the honors to Mission Chinese Food and its signature Koji Fried Chicken, which they say has "the perfect combination of tenderness and salty, addictive, just-fried crunch."

RECIPE: Mission Chinese Food's Koji Fried Chicken

We agreed, so we got MCF's Executive Chef Angela Dimayuga to show us how to make it. And not just the chicken itself—this bad boy comes with more than just meat. We're talking a salted cucumber and daikon salad, lemon kosho, and a ginger-scallion jus. How's that for something that "tastes like chicken"?

But beauty has a price, obviously. In this case, it's three days of glorious air-drying so that koji—a.k.a fermented rice—has the opportunity to penetrate the chicken's skin and render it so caramelized, you won't even need a flour dredge.

Sometimes, perfection just requires a little extra time.