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Insane Clown Posse Cancelled a San Diego Show Because the Venue Banned Faygo

Forget gay rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, America. If the right to spray Faygo is the real American Dream, San Diego must be feeling pretty un-American right about now.
Photo via Flickr user Jen Sadler

Insane Clown Posse—the horrorcore hip hop duo from Detroit, known for its "wicked clown" personas—is quite possibly the most principled musical act in the business. That's right.

Sure, their names may be Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Yes, they unsuccessfully sued the FBI for discrimination after inexplicably having themselves and their listeners listed as a "loosely organized hybrid gang." The report stated that though Juggalos have been "recognized as a gang in only four states… law enforcement officials in at least 21 states have identified criminal Juggalo sub-sets."


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But when it comes to sticking to your guns, there's this: ICP took the unprecedented step of cancelling a show in San Diego after the venue raised concerns about the damage that would likely ensue after the Posse engaged in one of their favorite acts: spraying the soft drink Faygo all over their audience.

In what is known as a "Faygo Shower," the Posse likes to spray the sickeningly sweet, Detroit-made soda on its fans. Faygo, for the uninitiated, comes in a variety of flavors, from "Moon Mist Blue" to "Ohana Kiwi Strawberry." The stuff is almost synonymous with ICP, and is featured in several of their songs.

The show was scheduled for last Thursday, but the band drew a line in the sand. According to NME, they announced their principled manifesto in a press release:

"Juggalos, tonight's show at the North Park Observatory has been cancelled over concerns of venue damage due to all the Faygo throwing. Well, it ain't an Insane Clown Posse show without Faygo, so that means we've been left with no choice but to call off the show… as stale as fuck as that is."

Wow. The right to spray Faygo—it's so all-American!

The press release continues: "To all those SoCal/San Diego ninjas who bought tickets for tonight's show…WE'RE SORRY AS FUCK! You can get your tickets refunded at their point of purchase. To everyone who purchased a VIP package from Hatchet Gear, we'll be issuing you a refund promptly. However, WE ARE STILL MAILING YOU YOUR LIMITED VIP COMMEMORATIVE TOUR AMULET! It's not your fault—or ours—that the show was cancelled, so you're still receiving your charm in the mail."


Sigh, if only we too could have a commemorative tour amulet! We'd certainly consider that miracle enough to agree that there is, indeed, "Magic everywhere in this bitch."

Anyways, to continue: "Again, Juggalos, we're super fucking sorry about this and hopefully we can perform for our San Diego Juggalos at some point in the future. MCL!"

MUNCHIES reached out management at North Park Observatory, but have yet to hear back.

These are the words of leaders in the world of civil rights. They are advocates of the right to spray soda. And we can all get down for that, Juggalo or not.

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Forget gay rights, women's rights, workers' rights, America. If the right to spray Faygo is the real American Dream, San Diego must be feeling pretty un-American right about now. Looks like we need to secure the nation's right to get wicked twisted on Faygo, pronto.

Otherwise we may never unearth the answer to one of humanity's greatest quandary: "fucking magnets, how do they work?"