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DOOL Usher in a New Wave of Dutch Rock Fury with 'Here Now, There Then '

Members of The Devil's Blood, Gold, and singer Ryanne van Dorst coagulate on an intriguing new psych rock project

DOOL is a new band spawned from the fertile Dutch heavy music scene and comprised of members of local heavyweights The Devil's Blood, Gold, and infamous rock singer Ryanne van Dorst. Their debut album follows a much-hyped appearance at Roadburn 2016, and offers is a uniquely hypnotic, slow-burning take on 70s hard rock and psychedelia, with showy splashes of goth rock.

Despite its Satanic pedigree, the band is far more hard rock than metal, and of a decidedly poppy persuasion. Here Now, There Then is rife with earworm-y melodies, the production is warm and inviting, and van Dorst's voice is powerful without seeming harsh or overbearing. It's an interesting mix, and one that I'm terribly intrigued to see play out live.

As van Dorst explained, Here Now, There Then is about dreaming, ambition and will."The album is about breaking boundaries and behavioral patterns while destroying stigmas. It is a mantra for whoever needs it and in any way one chooses to use it. It is the shadow lands between fantasy and reality. A fairy tale in a concrete background."

Listen to Here Now, There Then right now, and snag it from Prophecy Productions come February 17.

Photo by Nona Limmen
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